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Frequently Asked Questions

▸ How often should you have a health checkup?

It is recommended that adults over age 40 have a regular health checkup every year. People with a family history of chronic diseases and cancers may have a preventive health checkup after age 20, any abnormal findings in the health checkup should be further followed up with regular medical checkup.

▸ How long can you get your health checkup report?

The health check result will be sent to you at the designated address by registered mail within 10 days after the examination.

▸ Can you undergo a health check if you suspected you are pregnant or on a period?

In case the radiation or medicine will affect the fetus, please make sure that you are not pregnant when you undergo a health check.
The menstrual period would affect the accuracy of examination result, please have your health check when you are not on a period.

▸ How long does the health check take?

It takes about 7-8 hours including colonoscopy and 4-5 hours excluding colonoscopy. It’s possible to know partial test results on the examination day.

▸ Can you pay by credit card?

We accept cash only.

▸ Which hospitals will be the patients transferred to if further examination required?

Our patients will be transferred to following hospitals according to the preliminary diagnosis: Mackay Hospital, National Taiwan University Hospital, Taipei Medical University Hospital, Cathay General Hospital, ShuTien Clinic.

▸ When to book an appointment?

Please book your appointments over the phone or online.

▸ Can you ask someone to pick up your test report?

You can ask the authorized person to pick up your  test report  if you are not able to come in person. Your ID, the authorized person’s ID, and the authorization letter are required for identity verification.