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Business philosophy

․ Pursue employees’ material and spiritual happiness
․ Provide our customer with highest quality service
․ Promote Imperial Clinic’s core value
․ Contribute to society through the meticulous “Health Adviser” service

▸ Management Philosophy

1、 We act in accord with a universal value of "doing what is right as a human being" as the principal criterion for business decisions. Build a positive thinking mindset: ――― being fair, just, courageous, honest, patient, hard-working , kind, thoughtful, modest and philanthropic.
2、 Respect the divine and love people
3、 Treat people with empathy
4、 To live, to learn, to innovate
5、 Regard colleagues as customers, dedicating to providing good internal service

▸ Formula to Success in life and business Success = Ability x Passion x Right Mindset

Individuals differ from one another in their ability. One of the most important traits a person should have in order to become successful is passion. Ability and passion can be improved and raised from 0 to 100 through one’s own will power. In addition to ability and passion, right mindset is really crucial to succeed in anything.  Negative thinking can have a strong and sometimes devastating impact on all aspects of our lives. The formula for success in life and business is the multiple of ability, passion, and right mindset.

▸ Management Philosophy

1、 All employees involved in corporate management – every employee is a manager representing Imperial Clinc.
2、 Thoroughly practice the characteristics of primary care – friendliness, convenience, and timeliness, to build patient-doctor relationships.
3、 Education - promote quality service from all aspects through making guidance for our staffs.
4、 Environment preparation – the principles of 5S are being applied to our clinic not only in physical environment but also in the heart of our staffs. 
5、 Blue ocean strategy: innovative business model and service
The fundamental thoughts on blue ocean strategy: creating value
6、 Build up a delicate health care service business