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Corporate Health Check

The health check programs for different corporates can be customized according to their industry type, working patterns, working environment, the age distribution of employees, and genders.

▸ Specialist services

A corporate specialist will contact you to discuss your needs and options.

▸ Knowing and understanding corporate needs

We will have a comprehensive understanding of the information on your business type and the age distribution of employees.

▸ Making a proposal

A specially designed program will be proposed according to characteristics and needs of the corporate

▸ Make a visit and give an explanation

Our specialist will make a visit to your corporate and give a detailed explanation about the proposal for your customized program and the services we could offer.

▸ Confirm the proposal

After the proposal has been confirmed from both sides, sign the contract to start the service.

▸ Schedule an appointment for undergoing a health check

The examination notice will be provided before the examination. Our medical practitioners will assist you to complete the health check on the examination day.

▸ Get the report

When finishing the examination, the physician will explain the report results.

▸ Follow-up care

If you have any questions about the results, please feel free to contact us for any further consultation on health matters.